2010 Christmas Treats at Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySEA

For the 2010 Christmas festivities at the Tokyo Disney Resort, both Disneyland and DisneySEA featured some festive goodies in souvenir plates and cups.  These treats are quite popular with the local fans who will stand in some pretty lengthy lines to ensure they get at least one of the collectible plates or cups.  I am a diehard and figure if I am going to fly out for the holiday events, why not just get all the souvenir dishes!  As compared to other food items and theme park food prices in general, these are quite a deal at either 600 yen or 700 yen each.

Tokyo Disneyland 2010 Christmas Fantasy Holiday Desserts

As with other holidays, the two food stands surrounding the main holiday displays in Tokyo Disneyland sell desserts — one will usually sell the cup and the other the dessert.  This year, they offered a third holiday themed dessert as well!

The first and most popular dessert we tried was the soft cookies, shaped like gingerbread Mickey and Minnie, available for 350 yen.  We were at Disneyland on a Thursday night (12/16) and it was quite busy.  Of all the desserts, this one had the longest line as people were buying up cookies before the holiday fireworks began.

Mickey and Minnie soft cookies at Tokyo Disneyland for Christmas Fantasy 2010

A close up of the Mickey and Minnie soft cookies

For the souvenir cup, the dessert was a pear mousse with a little chocolate reindeer on top.  The mousse cup is 700 yen and sits inside the souvenir cup without getting it dirty.  As with all souvenir snacks, the Cast Member gives you a plastic bag to put your cup or plate in and you don’t need to waste time cleaning them as the food never makes contact with the dish!

A Christmas Fantasy pear mousse with chocolate reindeer for 2010

One side of the 2010 Christmas Fantasy souvenir cup

Other side of the Christmas Fantasy 2010 cup

To match the Christmas Fantasy cup, Disneyland was selling a strawberry cream puff, also with a little chocolate reindeer on top, for 600 yen.  Both the mousse and the cream puff were delicious and the perfect boost of sugar I needed to keep wandering and forget how cold it was outside!

Strawberry cream puff with souvenir plate for Christmas Fantasy 2010

Close up of the strawberry cream puff

Tokyo Disney is known for their attention to detail and these souvenir cups and plates are no exception.  Even the bottom of each are adorned and feature Christmas themed Disney characters.

Bottom detail of the 2010 Christmas Fantasy souvenir plate and cup

Tokyo DisneySEA Christmas Wishes 2010 Desserts

Both Disneyland and DisneySEA usually have a dessert plate and cup you can collect.  This year, Tokyo DisneySEA offered adorable dark blue plates and cups with the Christmas Wishes theme.  The souvenir cup featured a strawberry milk mousse topped with a chocolate holly leaf.  The cup is 700 yen and features Mickey and Minnie, along with gold silhouettes of Mickey and Minnie on the bottom.

Strawberry milk mousse for 2010 Christmas Wishes

Detail on 2010 Christmas Wishes souvenir cup from Tokyo DisneySEA

Other side of the 2010 Christmas Wishes souvenir cup from Tokyo DisneySEA

The souvenir plate at Tokyo DisneySEA has the Christmas Wishes design and features Chip and Dale on the bottom for 600 yen.  The dessert offered with the souvenir plate is a white chocolate mousse cake with green tea flavor.  Both of these holiday treats were available from the food stall near the S.S. Columbia in the American Waterfront.

White chocolate mousse cake with holly leaf for Christmas Wishes 2010

Detail on Christmas Wishes plate and cup for 2010

Detail on the bottom of the Christmas Wishes plate and cup

To see all the seasonal Duffy the Disney Bear treats that were available, please see the post: Duffy the Disney Bear and Shellie May Christmas Treats at Tokyo DisneySEA.

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