Duffy the Disney Bear: New 2012 Halloween Merchandise at Disneyland Resort

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I am eagerly awaiting my visit to Tokyo and Hong Kong Disney Parks in early September for all the new merchandise, but in the meantime, I got a pleasant and unexpected surprise while at Disneyland in California for a brief visit yesterday.

I had been hearing rumors of new Halloween merchandise coming out featuring my favorite attraction, Haunted Mansion, and I knew a new Duffy pin was released recently as well.

New Halloween Pins released at Disneyland Resort on 08/09/12

What I didn’t realize though was that Disney released a new smaller, beanie-sized Halloween Duffy the Disney Bear ($15) to match the pin AND that Duffy was making a pretty sly appearance in some of the Haunted Mansion merchandise. I was so excited that the Hitchhiking Ghosts and the Hatbox Ghost were included on the merchandise, I failed to spot this adorable little bear I love peeking out on the popcorn tin, one of the t-shirts, the yard flag, and the seasonal bag!

Say hello to the 2012 Halloween Duffy the Disney Bear

Halloween Bag US Parks

Halloween 2012 t-shirt

Look who's peeking around from behind the Haunted Mansion gates!??!

Halloween Yard Flag available

Close up of Duffy on the yard flag

Duffy is peeking out again on the Popcorn tin!

Not all the Halloween merchandise has been released yet, but if you are at Disneyland in the next few days, definitely check in the Disney Showcase on Main Street, U.S.A. and I have heard reports there was some Halloween merchandise released at Pooh Corner as well.  (See photos of all the Halloween merchandise here:  Disneyland releases all new merchandise for Halloween 2012)

So excited to see Duffy make an appearance on the seasonal merchandise at the U.S. Parks — now to prep for Tokyo in two weeks with the big Halloween merchandise and Duffy costume release!

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Erin De Santiago

A lifelong Disney fanatic and freelance writer currently based in Asia. Sharing Disney tips and photos from the various Disney Theme Parks around the world.


  1. Messica says

    Very cute! I love the Halloween merchandise. Duffy’s facial expressions is perfect along with all the other characters. Thank you so much for the update. I guess I will be spending some money tomarrow at the park :)

  2. says

    I used to be such a big Disney fan lol. Until I broke up with someone who was equally a big fan :S I hope I can 1 day re-instate my confidence and find my fun in visiting a new Disney park and to re-discover the joy : )

    • Erin says

      Awww. I didn’t know that! :( Well, fwiw, I have broke up with people who were bigger Disney fans than me and I would never let that stop me from engaging in my passion…I just always keep fingers crossed I don’t see them at the parks! LOL Come to Disney with me next time I am in town! :D

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